What is the best time to take Mass Gainer?

Before knowing what is the best time to take Mass Gainers, we need to understand what Mass Gainer is. It’s a protein, fat, carbs, and vitamins and minerals supplement for busy people who don’t have …

best time to take Mass Gainer

Before knowing what is the best time to take Mass Gainers, we need to understand what Mass Gainer is. It’s a protein, fat, carbs, and vitamins and minerals supplement for busy people who don’t have a lot of time, those who have a hard time growing or simply want to use it as a snack to support weight gain and muscle gain.

Mass is full of important ingredients that make it easy to add to your body a large source of calories, and of course, this is just a support product, it is important that you MUST EAT. No matter what type of person you are, it is necessary to have a plan to eat and use these supplements properly to reach 100% of their potential. So, how are they used? What time is reasonable to use?

What is the best time to take Mass Gainers?

best time to make mass gainers

We have found that drinking after exercise is the most effective.

Because after this time, the body has begun to feel hungry when it has expended a lot of energy and burned calories. Then the body will absorb nutrients faster, as well as improve your muscle mass. You must make sure to combine Mass and main meals to meet nutritional needs.

Besides, you can use it any time you want in the below time frames base on the free time you can, make sure not to drink too late before bed or too early before you work out, this will help you get a good night’s sleep and an energetic workout.

There is nothing better than having a detailed and clean eating plan, combined with a steady training time and using Mass Gainer as a snack, to support the need to gain weight and gain muscle efficiently. You can check out some of the popular Mass product lines here.

Expert Gym-goers and Manufacturers have different opinions. The reasonable time to use Mass Gainer can be divided into 4 ways:

  • Morning Time (before getting up)
  • Before Training
  • After Exercise
  • Before Going To Bed

Morning Time (before getting up)

At this time, the body is in a state of “catabolism” for a long time with metabolism during sleep, so the body needs a sufficient amount of protein to quickly absorb nutrients, and help the body to start a new day.

Before Training

Many people think that the best time is 30 minutes or 1 hour before so that when you start exercising, you will not feel full and uncomfortable. Of course, no one wants during training for heavy or intense exercises that the body is still focusing on digesting that amount of nutrients, reducing training performance and losing focus.

After exercise

Now that the body has burned a lot of calories, you will begin to feel hungry, from which the metabolic rate will be high and you will absorb nutrients faster and more. Besides, using during this time also helps the body recover and develop muscles in the strongest way.

Before Going To Bed

Make sure that you eat and drink enough before going to bed, preferably 2-3 hours before so that the body is not overloaded with the number of nutrients it needs to consume, thereby helping the body’s mechanism work will get better regulated. Since the evening is the time when metabolism is strongest, this will be a reasonable time frame for you to use Mass.

Each time frame has a common response that helps the body receive more calories in a day.

Can I Drink Mass Gainer on an Empty Stomach?

can you drink mass gainer on empty stomach

YES as mentioned above, you can use it in the morning when you just wake up. At that time, the body does not have any food in the stomach, and you need to have the first meal of the day. But that will depend on some people, some people find it difficult to digest, or the taste is not appetizing. And you must combine it with breakfast because this is the most important meal of the day.

Mass should not be used in place of the main meal because this will in the long run go against the purpose of Mass unless you are in a hurry or don’t have time to eat but must be limited.

Is it safe to drink two glasses of Mass Gainer a day?

As Mass Gainers is a dietary supplement, depending on the body of each person, and the dosage that the manufacturer puts in 1 scoop, there will be different results. It’s okay to drink 2 cups a day, but you have to see how many grams are in 1 scoop of the product you are using.

If you are a newbie, TrainRightMuscle recommends that you use in the first week about 1 to 2 cups in a day, to monitor the body’s response before starting to use according to the dosage that the manufacturer recommends.

Should I drink Mass gainer in the morning or night?

Well, it depends on your preferences and lifestyle.

If you’re a morning person who wakes up early and does work out in the morning then it is best to take a mass gainer in the evening. (check the reasons below)

If you’re an evening person who wakes up late and does work out in the evening then it is best to take a mass gainer in the morning. (check the reasons below)

The reasons you should drink in the morning and at night:

Morning: This will be the most important meal of the day, because this is the time to start the metabolism and help burn calories strongly, so this time needs to absorb a large number of calories to ensure the body maintains a stable exchange. Therefore, you can completely use Mass Gainer in the morning, which will increase the number of calories needed to help you have a healthy body on a new day.

Evening: The best time to drink it is 1-2 hours before sleeping because in the evening the muscles will recover best. Avoid drinking too late or close to bedtime. Because when sleeping, the body will stop taking nutrients to speed up metabolism, and remove toxins from the body. That’s why people often recommend going to bed before 11 pm and not eating too much before bedtime so that the process is effective.

Note that Mass should not be used without breakfast, that will cause digestive problems and should not be combined with a too-full breakfast. Instead, allocate a reasonable dose, and eat a full breakfast to have clean and safe nutrients.

Can I take Mass Gainers without working out?

Yes but it won’t be as affective because if the body takes in more calories than it needs, it will cause obesity, because Mass contains fat and other nutrients. Even eating without exercise will be the same.

Mass Gainer is a great calorie supplement to support the main meals of the day. Of course, no one wants to gain weight in the state of obesity, but to gain weight to have a healthy body and compatible body proportions.

Therefore, TrainRightMuscle recommends that you combine it with exercise, depending on the time you have, spend at least 30 minutes a day for the body to absorb nutrients from Mass safely and effectively.