What happens when you stop taking mass gainers?

Nowadays, more and more people want to gain weight and gain muscle fast, so they have chosen Mass Gainer because it is a tool to supplement essential nutrients for gym-goer. Should you stop taking mass …

what happens when you stop taking mass gainers

Nowadays, more and more people want to gain weight and gain muscle fast, so they have chosen Mass Gainer because it is a tool to supplement essential nutrients for gym-goer. Should you stop taking mass gainer? What happens when you stop taking mass gainers?

Compared to Weight Gainer, Mass takes up more calories thanks to the number of carbs and fat along with vitamins and minerals, suitable for those who have difficulty in gaining weight in the beginning, or people with irregular eating times, who want to increase the meal volume but make sure not to be too full. Before we decide to use drugs or functional foods, we must also know the possible consequences when using or stopping using them to preserve our health. Let’s find out with TrainRightMuscle.

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What happens if you stop taking mass gainer

The purpose of muscle gain products is to improve your nutrition, by adding proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to your meals throughout the day. Mass Gainer is the same, if you stop using it and still want to gain weight steadily, you absolutely can, as long as you meet the calories you take in each day and the time to burn them.

When you stop using it and your body eats less, it is completely normal to lose weight. Because then the calorie intake is not enough compared to your daily activities. In addition, when you just stop for the first time, after using Mass for a while, you may experience fatigue, or your body is not as healthy as when you were still using it.

The reason is that your body is used to absorbing large calories for a long time, until you stop using it and just eat normally, the content will not be enough. Therefore, in order to keep the weight you are having, the more you have to eat to maintain them. Eat small meals instead of just focusing on main meals.

Those are the results if you stop using the Mass. Also, the body will not have any side effects when you stop using it at all.

In short, depending on your use goals, combine with daily meals, and monitor the number of calories needed to always ensure good health. Before you want to stop using it, check and plan your diet properly, to maintain the growth of mass and muscle.


This is the type of question that is often asked by beginners. And to answer, you should ask yourself the opposite, what is your goal? How long do you want to gain weight? Are you looking to improve muscle mass?

If you want to increase within 1 month, use within that time. If you want to combine them with your workout regimen to increase muscle size in 3 months, go for them.

Each body will have different results, a person can see the effect within 1 week, sometimes up to 2 weeks or 1 month, it is natural because it depends on many other factors. If you have a slow metabolism then when using Mass you can grow faster than others. But it doesn’t matter whether it works sooner or later, you must give your body time to adapt, combined with eating and exercising.

Mass is not a panacea, cannot see immediate results but must go through stages, from formation to stabilization. Do not overdo it, you should invest more in the main foods because that is the source of abundant and safe nutrition.

Besides, you can consult with experts, friends or those who are using it with good results in choosing the right direction for you.


Using Mass every day is not a bad thing, but it is something you should do if you want to gain weight. Each product line comes in its own grams per 1 serving. Please see that information before use.

No matter how thin you are or how hard it is to gain weight, you need to use it according to the indication given, using less will not guarantee the effect, more will be redundant, so please use enough.

If your daily diet meets your calorie needs, you can reduce your Mass intake to ensure a healthy weight gain.

You should not use a lot of Mass in 1 day, but follow the dosage that the manufacturer gives. Since you need to be active to burn calories, if you have more calories than you need, you are more likely to become obese.

If you are a new user, we recommend that you use 1-2 weeks before the appropriate diet for you, to monitor how your body changes, then start using next.



You can absolutely use Mass with filtered water, that’s no problem, but it won’t be very nutritious and maybe the taste won’t be good.

So, to increase the calorie content and taste more delicious, we encourage you should combine it with other foods such as bananas, peanut butter, dried nuts, ice cream, fruit and fresh milk.

Using fresh milk is the most effective because it will help increase nutrition with Mass, if you feel the taste is sweet or pale, adjust the amount of milk accordingly.


Yes, it is worth taking but as we said, this product is not a panacea but supports food that is synthesized from nutrients to increase the number of calories in your diet, thereby helping you to gain weight and muscle quickly.

Like eating every day, if you want to gain weight, you must eat and be active to burn them and absorb the necessary substances.

Many people all over the world have been using them, so their reliability is high. But how effective it is, depends on how you use it. There is now a wide range of products from brands and manufacturers, each of which will vary in net weight and ingredients. You can refer to popular and easy-to-use Mass so you don’t waste time searching.

We recommend that you invest more in training, rest and sleep, don’t let yourself be always in a state of fatigue. Come up with a reasonable study and work plan, combined with exercise, that’s the right thing.