What is the Average Dumbbell curls for a 15-year-old?

An average dumbbell curls for a 15-year-old varies from person to person. As we all are different in some ways. For example, some people are bigger than others. Therefore, some 15-year-old could easily lift 8 …

Dumbbell curls

An average dumbbell curls for a 15-year-old varies from person to person. As we all are different in some ways. For example, some people are bigger than others. Therefore, some 15-year-old could easily lift 8 kg of dumbbell whereas some may struggle with it. The reason for this is due to having different metabolism rates, calories intake, weight, being active(sporty) and many more. Furthermore, it also varies on the type of biceps workouts. People tend to go heavy on some exercises like hammer curls but when it comes to concentrated curls it gets harder. Therefore you have to drop your dumbbell weight significant and make sure you’re performing the exercise in the correct manner.

Grab yourself Arms Isolator to grow your biceps

Answer: An average 15-year-old should curl from 10 Lbs to 30 Lbs ( 4 Kgs – 14 kgs) dumbbell. Start with the smaller dumbbell (10 lbs) and when you feel comfortable then move to a bigger weight. One step at a time. In this way, you’re very less likely to injure yourself. There is a lot of momentum involved when performing Dumbbell curls. You probably see this in the gym where people be swinging their arms and not having much focus on their biceps.

How to reduce Injuries when performing Dumbbell curls?

One of the biggest concerns is “Injuries”. Dumbbell Curls are likely to injure your Forearms. Some of the reasons you may injure your forearm, Lower back, elbows, wrist and traps when performing dumbbell curls are Bad Form/Techniques, Heavyweights and Overtraining.

  • Bad Form/Techniques: You need to make sure that you focus on the correct muscle group when performing Dumbbell curls. You will see a lot of people performing the same exercise, but their form is slightly different to others. This is due to bad Form/Techniques. When performing dumbbell curls, you need to remove momentum and keep each rep nice and controlled. This means No swinging, curling up with the medium pace and slowly bringing it back to the starting position. This will result in no pressure or discomfort on your Lower back and traps.
  • Heavy Weights: Lots of people in the gym like to compete “He curls 15 Kgs for 10 reps, I can do that too” This leads to injuries on your forearms and wrist. You will see people in the gym lifting heavy weights even though they are in pain and discomfort. This will also lead to bad form. Therefore, curls whatever weight is medium/heavy for you. For example, if you can easily do 10 kg dumbbell curls for 12 reps then move to 12 kg dumbbell curls and not jump to 18 kg. Remember, training is a long-term investment so you need to make sure that you can lift it without getting injured.
  • Overtraining: Training too often can cause injuries to your muscle group and joints as you need to allow your muscle to repair. Give yourself some recovery time if you have discomfort, continued pain, or illness on your forearms. Take a few days off; Rest. Put some ice on your forearms as it will reduce the swelling and the pain. If the pain is still there, then seek advice from health professionals.

Injuries can be prevented by performing the workout correctly, doing the right amount of reps and set, lifting a weight that is too heavy for you and wearing the right protection wear. Make sure you keep your wrist and forearm protected as it’s required for all exercises which include push and pull.  

How to improve my dumbbell curls?


This depends on what your goals are. You want to Increase Strengthen Biceps, Gaining Biceps Muscle Size, and Toning Biceps. All these goals will have a slightly different impact on Biceps.

  • Strengthen Biceps: This is where you challenge the strength of your forearms and biceps. By performing heavy dumbbells and performing two – six sets of biceps workouts. With a heavyweight aim for 8 -10 reps at the same time try to keep your form as correct as possible. Due to heavy weight, you need to make sure you have enough rest time between each set. Rest time should be anywhere between 2 mins to 4 mins between each set.  Additionally, try not to perform the same strength training for the consecutive day. Give your muscle some rest to recover.
  • Gaining Muscle Size: Increase your biceps muscle. This is how Bodybuilders train. The aim for this is to have large and well-defined muscles (biceps). Get a dumbbell where the weight is medium/heavy and perform two – six sets of biceps workouts. Always ensure your form is correct when performing dumbbell curls. Make sure your rep range for each set is from 10-12 reps. Rest time should be anywhere from 30 – 120 seconds between each set. Make sure you perform Gaining Muscle Size training for the biceps once a week.
  • Toning Biceps: There is a high number of women who choose this type of workout as it tones down the muscle without increasing its size. Use a weight which is light and perform two-four sets of biceps workouts. With the correct form perform 15 -20 reps as you will be focusing on muscle endurance. The more reps the more resistance. As the weight is lighter, your rest time should be shorter, anywhere from 15 – 30 seconds. You can perform this type of bicep training 2 times a week.

All these types of training will help you increase your biceps. However, that is not enough. You need to make sure you have enough rest to allow the muscle to grow. Having a good diet is important as it will increase the process.

Dumbbell curls exercises for Bigger Biceps

Concentrated Dumbbell Curls

Concentrated Dumbbell Curls will isolate each bicep and allow each side of your arms to train in a correct manner. There is no momentum involved when performing this exercise which means you cannot cheat. Each rep is more effective than normal Biceps curls as there is more focus on the biceps. This exercise only required a bench and a dumbbell.

How to perform Concentrated Dumbbell Curls

  • Sit down on the bench
  • Start with the right hand.
  • Open your leg slightly wider
  • Rest your elbow on the inside of your thigh and grab your dumbbell
  • Curls the dumbbell all the way up to your chest and comes back down.
  • Don’t extend your elbow too much when coming back down.
  • Each rep should be performed in a controlled motion where you breathe out on top and breath in on the way down.
  • Perform the same exercise with the left hand.

Zottman Dumbbell Curls

Zottman Dumbbell Curls are very effective, they include reverse curls and bicep curls together in 1 rep. When performing this exercise, a lot of people tend to have a bad form. You cannot go heavy on this exercise as you can injure your forearms. Your focus will on the whole arms.

How to perform Zottman Dumbbell Curls?

  • Stand up straight
  • Have your elbows in front of your hips.
  • Slowly bring your dumbbell up
  • While bringing your dumbbell up you need to supinate where your palms facing upwards.
  • Pronates and come back slowly.
  • Perform 10-12 reps.

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