What is the Average Bench Press for a 15-year-old?

The average Bench Press for a 15-year-old is anywhere from 90 lbs to 200 lbs (41Kgs – 91Kgs). However, it varies from person to person because not everyone is the same. For example, some 15-year-olds …

Bench press

The average Bench Press for a 15-year-old is anywhere from 90 lbs to 200 lbs (41Kgs – 91Kgs). However, it varies from person to person because not everyone is the same. For example, some 15-year-olds can easily bench 75 pounds; however, some may struggle with that weight. One of the biggest concerns of youngsters and parents is getting themselves or their kids “Injured”. Therefore, the focus on “Weight”, “Form”, and “Reps/Sets” are required.

So How much Should a 15-year-old Bench press?

It all comes down to How much you weigh.

Answer: An Average 15-year-old person weighs 115.0 Lbs (52.1 kg). It’s recommended to lift to your own body weight or lower. It is mainly because your joint is not stronger, and you’re more likely to get injured. Anywhere from 90 lbs to 200 lbs is recommended. This doesn’t mean you can not lift more.

As we already know, some of us may be stronger and bigger than others, so you need to make sure you lift what is comfortable for you. When performing a bench press, your wrists and elbows joints are likely to get injured if not performed correctly or chasing heavier weights. Therefore, you should add more protection using Wrist wraps and Elbow wraps when bench pressing.

Active 15-year-old Weight Class

BodyweightBench press weight
90-110 lbs (41kg – 50kg)88-114lbs (45 kg – 55kg)
110 -150 lbs(50kg – 68kg)114 -158lb (55kg – 75kg)
150-200lbs+ (68kg – 90kg+)158- 198lbs (75kg – 95kg)

Non-Active 15-year-old Weight Class

BodyweightBench press weight
90-110 lbs (41kg – 50kg)88- 99lbs(42 kg – 47kg)
110 -150 lbs(50kg – 68kg)99-110lbs(47kg – 52kg)
150-200lbs+ (68kg – 90kg+)110 -121lbs(52kg – 58kg)

We Recommend These Wrist Straps If You’re Serious About Bench pressing

Wrist band

Also, These Elbow Straps Will Help You Push More When Bench pressing

No matter who you are, when performing a bench press, you need to keep your ego as far as possible and bench what you are comfortable with and, slowly progress your way up. This means even if you have to start with, just a bar itself. Tip “No one cares what you do” you will learn that one day or another. So, you shouldn’t feel weird about lifting lighter weights. Have a spotter if you plan to increase the weight you’re comfortable with.  

There is a Myth which is “Lighting heavyweights can stunt growth” for youngsters. However, there is no scientific evidence for that statement. Lifting too heavy too soon can lead to physical injury. Therefore, it’s recommended not to go past your own bodyweight for bench press until you’re comfortable with it. There is no point in lifting heavy weights if your form is not correct and lacks supervision. Therefore, you don’t want to damage your growth plans. This could result in stunting your growth.

How to increase your bench press?

Reps and Sets have a major impact on what your goals are. If you’re trying to increase your bench press, then you need to aim for medium/heavyweight for yourself and hit at least 6-8 reps with 3 sets. Performing this regularly will increase your strength for the bench press. If you aim for muscle growth, then with medium weight, aim for 10-12 reps with 3 sets. This will help you build more chest muscle.  

Keep your Form correct. The bench press is a compound movement, but most of the focus is on the chest. By keeping your form correct, you will be focusing on the chest more, which means you’re likely to grow your chest muscle faster and stronger. In other words, it will have more effect on your chest, and it will lead to building more muscle as well as strength. A bad form can increase the chances of injuries to different muscle groups. For example, some people have their necks up when performing a bench press. That is an example of a bad posture that will strain your neck. You can avoid this by keeping your head flat while performing a bench press.

To increase your weights on the bench press, then you work on your diet. It would help if you ate a balanced diet to make sure; you have enough energy to do the bench press. Especially a 15-year-old needs to have a good diet full of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. However, someday may not get enough proteins or carbs. It’s recommended to have a Protein shake to increase your protein intake and help you grow your muscles. BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are recommended as they will give more sources of energy and help with muscle conditions, which will increase muscle recovery and muscle growth.

Make sure you don’t miss out on your protein, We recommend the protein below

How to perform Bench press Correctly?

STEP 1 – Wear your Wrist and Elbow wraps before performing Bench Press. Protect yourself.

STEP 2 –  Get a Spotter if required.

STEP 3 – Lay flat on the Bench press where the bar is aligned to your chin.

STEP 4 – Position your hand shoulder width from the bar and grip it tightly with your fingers.

STEP 5 – Push your chest out by arching your back outwards (There should be a gap between your lower back and bench)

STEP 6 – Perform the Bench Press pushing weight against your chest.

STEP 7 – Control the weight by bringing the bar to your lower chest and up at a medium pace.

Lastly, I would recommend you lift heavy on the bench press. However, Take it slow. Build your way up. Lifting heavy weights does not happen overnight.  You have to put in all the hard work and gradually move one step at a time. An example of this could be bench pressing lighter weight with high reps and focusing on the movements and form. Over time, Increase the weight slowly when you’re comfortable. Remember! This is no racetrack; it’s a marathon.  

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