Average Bicep Size For 15 Year Old

At 15, my biceps weren’t anything impressive so that motivated me to hit the gym and try to increase my muscle mass. Having bigger biceps is what many teenagers strive for, so I fully understand …

At 15, my biceps weren’t anything impressive so that motivated me to hit the gym and try to increase my muscle mass. Having bigger biceps is what many teenagers strive for, so I fully understand the desire for bigger biceps.

Since you’re here to find out the average bicep size for a 15 year old, we are also going to discuss ways you can actually improve upon your muscle mass so you no longer have skinny arms.

For a 15 year old, the average bicep size is around 30 cm or 11.811 inches, but methods such as lifting weights, eating well, and resting enough will surely increase your muscle mass over time.

Average Bicep Size For 15 Year Old

A 15 year olds biceps will mostly depend on the individual’s gender, males will tend to have slightly larger biceps compared to females around this age. However, the differences between bicep size between the genders increase as they get older.

The average 15 year old has a bicep size of around 30 cm or 11.811 inches, this is actually slightly larger than a 16-year-old’s bicep which suggests that the bicep development slows down around this age, but not completely.

After 15, you can expect your biceps to grow slightly as you’re still going through puberty as a male, and you can expect your bicep development as a male to stop around the ages of 40–49.

Females at 15 years of age on the other hand will have an average bicep size of 27.8 cm which is slightly lower than their male counterparts. This is likely due to males going through different development at this age, with males producing testosterone.

Table For Average Bicep Size For Teens (11-19):

AgeAverage Male Bicep Size(cm)Average Female Bicep Size(cm)

Source: https://criticalbody.com/average-bicep-size/

How To Effectively Measure Bicep Size

Measuring your biceps is pretty easy, if you know how to properly flex your biceps, and you have a tape measure. Consistently measuring your biceps is almost mandatory if you’re looking to put on muscle, this helps you identify what is working and what isn’t

As a 15 year old, you will want to measure your biceps frequently, this is so you can track development as you age, and as you begin to implement tips I will recommend you down below.

Step 1

The first step to measuring your biceps is to put your arm on a flat surface so you can get a steady and consistent measurement.

Step 2

The second step is to actually flex your bicep as hard as you can, get one end of a measuring tape, and hold it at the highest point of your bicep. Wrap the measuring tape around your arm, and read the measurement where it overlaps.

Step 3

Repeat this multiple times with your arms fully flexed, also measure the other arm to see if there are any differences. If you notice that one arm has a smaller bicep, then this means you will need to train harder on the other arm to balance things out.

Step 4

Measure every month to track progress as you age and work out. With consistent discipline, you should notice that your biceps are growing in size.

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Can A 15 Year Old Put On A Bicep Muscle?

Being 15 “should” means you’re going through puberty which means training should help you put on muscle. But some individuals around this age may not be going through puberty making putting on muscle harder.

The idea is that testosterone which is a male hormone should help build muscle mass, male 15 year olds should have significantly more testosterone than their female counterparts.

If you are 15 years of age and you want to put on muscle, the chances are that you likely can, but it depends on a lot of factors such as puberty, genetics, and how well you can work out.

How To Increase Bicep Size As A 15 Year Old?

I was once 15 years old, and I never had impressive biceps, this undoubtedly resulted in me wanting to put on some muscle. At 15, you are not fully developed yet physically and hormonally, so your muscles will grow as you age.

But you can often force your biceps muscles to grow by working out. Lifting heavy weights is a great way to build up muscle strength, and of course, muscle mass.

With enough discipline with your training, eating, and getting enough sleep, I am confident that you can put on muscles. Just ensure that you consume enough protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

The most important aspect when putting on muscles, especially in your biceps is to ensure that you are in a “Calorie Surplus”. What this essentially means is that you burn fewer calories than what you are consuming meaning your body will put on weight.

Along with ensuring that you’re getting enough calories in, I will recommend my favourite workouts that helped me build muscles during this difficult time. The goal is to put your biceps under stress which will force the muscles to grow.

The best workouts for your biceps are resistance workouts such as pull ups, chin ups, and lifting heavy weights such as dumbbells.

After an intense workout, sleep is almost as important as the workout itself, this is because sleep helps promote muscle growth. When you sleep this is the time where the body rebuilds and heals after a workout.

Common Workouts That Increase Bicep Size

Here I am going to discuss workouts that helped me at the age of 15, they ultimately helped me build bicep muscles, and they laid a nice foundation for when I grew up. I still utilise these workouts today.

Pull Ups & Chin Ups

Pull ups and chin ups are one of the most popular compound workouts that help build biceps. Compound workouts target multiple muscles, and this includes biceps and many of the smaller muscles.

Pull ups and chin ups are really cheap workouts that utilizes your body weight. In many scenarios, you can perform pull ups and chin ups without any equipment, but if you cannot do them at home, you can easily purchase a pull up bar.

Chin ups are an amazing workout just like pull ups, but chin ups are more focused on building the biceps. This is because with your grip facing you, this will target the biceps more.

Bicep/Hammer Curls

If you have the equipment to perform bicep or hammer curls, then this can be a very good way to target the biceps precisely. Ensure that you find a weight that you are comfortable with and build up slowly as you get stronger.

Hammer curls focus more on the outside portion of your bicep, and bicep curls focus more on the biceps brachii which is the primary muscle responsible for elbow flexion. They are both isolation workouts that use a full range of motion.

Hammer curls are really good as they target a portion of your bicep that gets neglected a lot, and they also help strengthen your forearm which can make your entire arm look a lot bigger.

A secondary effect of hammer curls that help make your overall arm look big is that it often helps improve grip strength. This means that you will have larger forearms if you continue to practise this workout.

Barbell Curls

Barbell curls are a fantastic workout for your biceps if you use them in combination with all the other workouts I’ve recommended. Barbell curls target the same muscle as bicep curls which means they will target the main muscle responsible for arm flexion.

Barbell curls focus on utilizing both of your biceps which means you can work out both of your biceps at the same time. This can help fix any imbalances that exist between your two biceps.

Finally, barbell curls are compound movements, which means they will involve many muscles at the same time. Compound movements are crucial for actually increasing the size of your muscle as it targets many smaller muscles that get neglected.

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End Note

Personally, most 15 year olds should be able to build bicep muscles as most individuals of this age should be going through puberty and producing testosterone which promotes muscle growth.

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