Average Bicep Size For 16 Year Old

I get how you feel, being 16 years of age and wanting huge biceps as it gives a sense of security and confidence. It also makes you feel bigger than your peers and is a …

I get how you feel, being 16 years of age and wanting huge biceps as it gives a sense of security and confidence. It also makes you feel bigger than your peers and is a sign of status and success.

Let’s not forget, having decently sized biceps for a 16 year old is pretty attractive, so it’s understandable that it’s sought after. Well, you’re here to find out what the average bicep size for a 16 year old is, but we’re also here to give tips to help get the best results.

For a 16 year old, the average bicep size is 29 cm or 11.4 inches. But there are definitely ways and methods you can utilize to increase your bicep size, it will usually involve lifting weights.

Average Bicep Size For 16 Year Old

The average bicep size for a teenager will mostly depend on gender. Whilst the differences won’t be as dramatic as you’d think, male 16 year olds will have larger biceps compared to their female counterparts.

A male 16 year old should have an average bicep size of around 29.8 cm which is 11.73 inches. A female 16 year old should have an average bicep size of around 28.7 or around 11.30 inches.

And with every year, you can expect your biceps to grow bigger as you slowly age out of your teenage years. This is however if you remain physically inactive as physical activity can greatly accelerate bicep growth.

Table For Average Bicep Size For Teens (11-19):

AgeAverage Male Bicep Size(cm)Average Female Bicep Size(cm)
Source: https://criticalbody.com/average-bicep-size/

How To Effectively Measure Bicep Size


Measuring your biceps isn’t a difficult task if you have the equipment necessary, and know how to properly flex your bicep. Knowing how to do this is important for tracking development to see if you’re actually making progress.

Step 1

You want to find a place where you can rest your elbow so you can effectively flex your bicep whilst remaining steady and still.

Step 2

Now you want to grab one end of a measuring tape and hold it on the highest point of your bicep, now I want you to wrap the measuring tape around your arm and read the measurement where the tape overlaps.

Step 3

Take multiple measurements with your arms fully flexed, and also take measurements of your other arm to see if there’s a difference. Repeat this about 3 times till you find the average.

Step 4

Measure every month to track progress, over time you should see that your biceps begin to increase in size, this is a combination of working out, eating well, sleeping, and of course, your age.

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How To Increase Bicep Size As A 16 Year Old?

As a 16 year old, you have to understand that you’re at a complicated time of your life, especially if you’re a male since you’re not fully grown yet physically and hormonally.

You’re still essentially in the midst of puberty, during this time, it could make it difficult to gain muscle, but it’s definitely possible as I’ve done it myself.

But I am certain that with discipline, you should be able to quickly put on muscle, this includes ensuring that you consume enough protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

When trying to build muscle, it’s important to understand that you must consume more calories than what you burn whilst working out. This is called a “Calorie surplus”, and this is where the majority of your physical gains come from.

Along with eating well, I recommend resistence training, i’ll get into that more in depth down below, but it involves putting your biceps under stress which will force them to grow in mass and size.

The best resistence workouts for building biceps are bodyweight exercises which include pull ups, and lifting heavy weights such as dumbbells.

And like always, after an intense workout, I have to stress, getting enough sleep is crucial, this is the time where your body heals and rebuilds from the intense workout you’ve had. Skip this step, and you’ll see how hard it can be to put on muscle.

Common Workouts That Increase Bicep Size

Here I’d like to discuss the workouts that personally helped me whilst I was a 16 year old to build bigger biceps. And they have continued to be a crucial part of my workout plan today.

Pull Ups & Chin Ups

pull ups for biceps

Pull ups are one of the most important workouts as they are compound exercises, this means they target multiple muscle groups, but most importantly, they will target the biceps.

When you perform a pull up or a chin up, the biceps will be worked out when the body is lifted due to contraction. This will help strengthen the bicep and help build bigger muscles.

Also chin ups are pretty much more focused on biceps, this is when your grip is facing you. You will find that chin ups will often target the biceps plus any supporting muscles.

Hammer Curls

Hammer curl for bicep

Hammer curls are another great way to work out your bicep, and improve upon its size and strength. Just remember, start small and find a weight you are comfortable with as you’re only 16 years of age.

Hammer curls focus on the outer portion of your bicep, and most bodybuilders and people that work out know that the outer portion of the bicep often gets neglected, so it’s a good way to improve upon its size.

A secondary effect of hammer curls that helps make your overall arm look big is that it often helps improve grip strength. This means that you will have larger forearms if you continue to practise this workout.

Barbell Curls

barbell curl for biceps

On its own, barbell curls may not be enough to build a desirable amount of muscle mass, however, in combination with all the other workouts explained, it can be amazing for building intensity.

The main benefit behind barbell curls is that they provide a larger range of motion compared to other exercises, This means you can build up intensity really quick depending if you have a tight and strict form.

And let’s not forget that barbell curls are compound movements, this means it involves more muscles to complete the workout. Compound exercises are crucial and should not be neglected if you’re trying to build big muscles as it’s also the smaller muscles that make up a large portion of your muscle mass.

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End Note

Personally, I believe a 16 year old can build muscle as i’ve done it. If you remain highly disciplined as a 16 year old, you will build bigger biceps, and it’s this discipline that will help you achieve your goals well into the future.

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