How long does it take to do a bench press 100kg?

Unlocking the achievement of bench pressing 100kg is a significant milestone in the fitness journey. It’s not just about lifting weights; it’s a testament to strength, dedication, and progress. Ever wondered how long it takes …

How long does it take to do a bench press 100kg

Unlocking the achievement of bench pressing 100kg is a significant milestone in the fitness journey. It’s not just about lifting weights; it’s a testament to strength, dedication, and progress. Ever wondered how long it takes to conquer this formidable challenge? Let’s delve into the timeline of mastering the 100kg bench press — the ultimate benchmark for strength enthusiasts. Get ready to explore the science behind the lift and the path to reaching that three-digit triumph in the fitness world.

Achieving a 100kg bench press is a journey that varies from person to person, depending on factors such as individual fitness levels, training frequency, and dedication. In general, with consistent and focused training, most individuals can expect to reach the milestone of bench pressing 100kg within several months to a year. It’s crucial to maintain a structured workout routine, prioritize proper form, and progressively increase the load to build strength and meet this challenging yet rewarding goal steadily.

The table below shows the estimated timeframes for the average person to attain a 100kg bench press, depending on their training type.

Training TypeEstimated Time to Bench Press 100kg
Strength Training6 months to 1 year
Bodybuilding1 to 2 years
Powerlifting1 to 2 years
General Fitness2 to 4 years
Casual/InconsistentProgress may be slower or not achieved

Is a 100kg bench press impressive?

Are Bench Pressing worth doing it?

In my opinion, a 100kg bench press is indeed an impressive feat of strength and a substantial milestone for most individuals pursuing weightlifting and strength training goals. It signifies dedication, hard work, and consistency in training. However, the level of impressiveness can be subjective and varies among fitness enthusiasts based on their unique aspirations and experience. What’s most important is setting and achieving personal goals that feel challenging and fulfilling, regardless of external benchmarks.

Here are some factors which make 100Kg bench press impressive:

  1. Relative to Body Weight: The impressiveness of this achievement often depends on the individual’s body weight. A lighter person bench pressing 100kg may be seen as more impressive as it signifies a higher strength-to-body weight ratio, while a heavier individual may need to lift proportionally more to reach the same level of relative strength.
  2. Training Experience: For beginners or those who have recently embarked on their fitness journey, hitting a 100kg bench press can be a remarkable accomplishment. It reflects their dedication and progression over time. However, experienced lifters who have been training for years may set higher standards and might consider it a stepping stone on their path to even greater strength.
  3. Fitness Goals: Impressiveness is highly individual and linked to one’s fitness goals. If an individual’s primary objective is to excel in endurance sports, for example, then a 100kg bench press might not align with their training objectives. Fitness goals vary widely, so what’s impressive for one person may not hold the same value for another.
  4. Personal Progress: Ultimately, the most important benchmark is personal progress. Whether it’s 100kg or any other weight, the impressiveness of a bench press depends on the effort, dedication, and milestones that an individual sets for themselves. What truly matters is achieving one’s own goals and celebrating their unique fitness journey.

What can the average guy bench?


In my years of experience in the world of fitness and strength training, I’ve seen a wide range of bench press capabilities among individuals. When it comes to the ‘average guy,’ their bench press performance often depends on several factors.

For someone who is new to the gym and just starting their strength journey, bench pressing their own body weight is a reasonable starting point. The average man should aim to bench press anywhere from 1 to 1.5 times their body weight, and this is an achievable goal with dedication and consistent training. I’ve witnessed many dedicated individuals gradually progress to bench press 1.5 times their body weight with consistent training and proper form. These achievements in the gym indicate a substantial level of upper body strength. However, it’s important to remember that everyone’s journey is unique, and genetics can play a significant role.

Some individuals have a natural aptitude for the bench press, while others might need more time and effort to reach their goals. In the end, what the ‘average guy’ can bench press is a personalized journey shaped by their commitment and experiences in the gym.

Level of Experience Bench Press Range (body weight)
Beginner0.8 – 1 times body weight
Intermerdiate1 – 1.5 times body weight
Advanced1.5 – 2 times body weight
Elite2+ times body weight

Is 100kg for 6 reps good?

Absolutely, lifting 100kg for 6 reps in the bench press is very impressive. It demonstrates a high level of upper body strength and dedication to training. It’s a clear sign of significant progress in your fitness journey.

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