Can you build muscle with just a machine? [ANSWERED]

Of course, it is possible, you can completely gain your muscles with the exercise machine. Compared with normal weights, this will be more convenient for you. In this article, TrainRightMuscle will talk in more detail …

build muscle with just a machine

Of course, it is possible, you can completely gain your muscles with the exercise machine. Compared with normal weights, this will be more convenient for you.

In this article, TrainRightMuscle will talk in more detail about the features and benefits of machines and free weights, after reading this article you will be sure to grasp the information on what is the perfect choice for you.

What is an exercise with the machine?

Exercises with machines, which are types of exercises with the support of machines, you will not have to worry more about the direction of the dumbbells being deviated, or the correct way to hold the weights, but instead, you need to practice, focus on your thrust and correct breathing.

The machines these days are very modernly equipped, so you can easily use them, and they have helped us a lot.

Typically, it is a treadmill, instead of you having to spend time running around where you live, or at the park, which can be hot and uncomfortable, you can absolutely run in one location and still be safe. Maintaining health is convenient, isn’t it?

Great advantages of machines?

  • Training with machines is very easy to use, you just need to choose the right machine for the muscle group you want to build, each machine is designed specifically for certain exercises, and there are also machine versatile types, that can develop comprehensive muscles.
  • Another plus for doing machine training is that most machines have weight racks, or recliners, which will help keep the body in a more stable state, and you won’t have to waste time looking for weights around the gym room.
  • And the last thing is that when you build muscle with today’s modern machines, it can help you more safely when the machine is integrated with locks or latches, springs, as long as you practice the right technique, breathing properly, your size will change. You will avoid other injuries than normal weights.

Typically, in chest exercises, if you use dumbbells with a lot of weights, you need someone to support you, and often when you try with heavier weights, you will be more likely to get injured if you have no control.

As for the machine, it will partially control and hold the weight for you, helping large muscle groups work more efficiently.

Disadvantages of using machines?

  • The first thing to say is that the machine is mass-produced, so there is a small percentage that it won’t fit some people’s physical characteristics because it is manufactured in general.
  • The next thing is that you still have the ability to practice wrongly, or train without developing muscle if you do not know how to use it, or lift weights that are too high for your current health status.
  • Therefore, you need to refer to how to use it, as well as choose the right machine for your body and the muscle group you want to build.
  • In addition, you should also check the old weight that the previous person used to adjust, check that the machine is sturdy or not or have any other problems, and ask the gym staff to support you to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

So, what do free weights mean?

Free dumbbells are traditional dumbbells or light to heavy dumbbells. You’ll need to go get weights from the shelf or all over the gym.

For exercises with free weights, you need to know how to control the direction of the weight you are using, to avoid going in the wrong direction or holding the wrong position.

What are the advantages of free weights?

Free weights are a traditional form of exercise and are still favoured by many, even professional athletes.

Because it is designed simply, not too sophisticated like a machine, it is easy to align the movements to suit yourself.

Small muscle groups will also be worked along with the muscle group you are focusing on.

You will also easily feel the movements in your body easily

In addition, you can also customize and be creative with other exercises, and the important thing is that it is cheaper than the exercise machine.

For those who train at home, using weights is more cost-effective, because free weights can be used to develop the entire muscle group you want, while machines are often less.

You can use weights to exercise your arms, legs, or other muscle groups, very flexible and convenient.

What about the disadvantages of free weights?

  • The weakness of free weights is that you need to know the trajectory of the dumbbells and control them. Because if the direction of the weight goes wrong with the technique, there will be no impact on your muscles. Sometimes you just feel tired and have sore muscles, but there is no effect at all.
  • The second feature is that you also run the risk of injury if you use too much weight, or perform the wrong procedure.
  • You should also have someone to support you in case of heavy exercise.

Between machines and free weights, which one should you choose to build muscle perfectly?

In the opinion of TrainRightMuscle, as well as familiar readers, we prefer to exercise more machines to develop our own muscles.

That’s because of its convenience, for multi-function machines, you can build many muscle groups without spending too much time or effort, having support is of course good, isn’t it?

Although machines can support humans a lot, it doesn’t mean that we ourselves don’t practice, but machines only partially support, the rest is up to you how you use it.

Of course, this is not to say that traditional weightlifting is not as good, but we rely on personal criteria, as well as the evaluation of people around us.

You can also combine both options for muscle groups, as this depends on the muscle group or exercise you’re aiming for. This will help you build more muscle, as well as easily track which form of exercise is right for your muscle building, machine or normal weight.


I will say this again, you can completely build muscle with exercises on machines, and sometimes just use them, without using free weights. But you need to pay attention to one more thing whether you have been practising for a long time or are a newbie, you also need to have a stable rest plan, avoid overtraining, and focus on meals. Because muscles do not grow by themselves through exercise, you need to eat and sleep enough, the gym is just a place where you burn energy so that nutrients are absorbed faster and more effectively.

And if you have difficulty gaining muscle, you can refer to the support products that we suggested, in the topic Mass Gainer.

Thank you for reading this far.