Can you build muscle by eating fast food? – [Answered]

I believe this will not happen, you will not be able to build strong muscles with fast food, or junk food. It is only convenient for you in some other respects, but in terms of …

build muscle bu eating fast food

I believe this will not happen, you will not be able to build strong muscles with fast food, or junk food. It is only convenient for you in some other respects, but in terms of health, weight, and muscle, it is entirely impossible.

This is a controversial question, and one thing is for sure, people will advise you to stay away from these foods, or adjust them to a steady level if you want your health to be. myself better.

This will be the most detailed article so that you can understand the good and bad points of fast food, so you will know what your next plan is to build muscle or a strong body.

Detailed definition of fast food.

Fast food means foods that are processed in a short time, to serve the needs of the customer. According to Wikipedia, the first clothing stores in the world were in the 1860s. In simpler words, fast food was created to prioritise serving people who are busy with work and long hours. Especially, or with students, visitors cannot arrange much time for their meals.

The food is usually prepared, when the customer needs it, the food will be transferred to another cooking and baking process. Some typical dishes are fried chicken, french fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza …

Should bodybuilders eat fast food?

As I said, fast food contains a relatively large amount of calories, especially fried chicken or pizza and fries, and the amount of starch in it as well as protein is relatively high.

If you want to gain weight fast then these foods may be suitable for you.

Here are the advantages that fast food brings to everyone, including gymgoers:

Fast food saves time

This is nothing to say, because if you are the type of person who is often busy with a tight schedule every day and does not have time to go to the kitchen, then fast food will choose great for you, you will save a lot of time being able to hit the gym and start building muscle.

Relatively high calories

Compared with many other foods, fast food has high nutritional content, for example, hamburgers, with only 100g you have 249kcal a day, and 100g of fried chicken also amounts to 245kcal. This will help gym goers absorb high nutrition without feeling full

Suitable for low cost

Everyone knows that to be able to absorb nutrition, you need to eat, and you have to spend a lot of money to invest in eating. With fast food, you can reduce the cost you need to spend, instead just choose the right dish, and you will have a quick meal full of quality.

A next example is Pizza, its shell will usually account for 10-15% of the carbs, according to legion athletics, with 14 pizza crusts, the regular will give you 285 calories, and the thick will go up to 312 calories. Cheese in pizza can also provide you with 12g of nutritional protein.

Even if that’s what fast food offers, we, TrainRightMuscle, do not recommend you to put these foods on your daily menu, because you won’t get safe nutrition if you want to build muscle properly with fast food.

Effects when you eat fast food but want to grow muscles.

Diet plays a very important role in exercise. To get a strong and strong body, you need to combine the perfect diet and make time to exercise. Perfection here is not expensive dishes, or too time-consuming, but choosing foods with high nutrition and natural sources.

Why natural? Because the nutritional ingredients inside are cleaner and safer for health than other foods. Fast foods such as pizza, hamburgers, snacks, and soft drinks are also known as Junk Food. Junk Food often includes foods that are not healthy for the body if you eat them too much, because they have little nutritional value and are less safe.

Although they are very popular for their delicious scent, you should know that they contain more sugar and fat than some foods like cakes, fried chicken, and pizza and this will not be good for you. muscle.

These effects can occur if you use the above foods inappropriately:

Easy to cause obesity

You eat them every day or often, after a while and you find yourself gaining weight, you think this will be really good but it is not. It’s just because you contain too much fat, so you look big but actually have very little energy, your body will then feel more tired.

In addition, overusing such foods will lead to diseases in the body such as blood fat, high blood pressure, obesity, and even cancer.

They are only beneficial when you know how to control your appetite, and arrange a healthier diet to ensure that your body absorbs the best nutrients.

Affects the digestive system

Few people know that fast foods often do not contain a lot of fibre to speed up the digestive process. Moreover, these dishes are all fried and fried at high temperatures in cooking oil, and those vitamins will be easily broken down, so even though you feel a lot of energy, they are actually just unhealthy nutrients. strong. And if your digestive system contains a lot of fat, you will also experience diseases such as colon cancer and small bowel cancer, so choose carefully.

In addition to the two main problems above, the muscles and health of a gym person will also be affected by other issues such as:

  • Feeling tired
  • Indigestible
  • Kidney related problems
  • Diabetes
  • Liver damage


In the end, eating fast food will not bring as much effect as you once thought, you will not have strong muscles, instead, the energy will be depleted.

I recommend that you make a detailed eating plan, using only foods that are more nutritious and safer. Because muscle building is not only due to exercise, but also whether the body is absorbing other quality nutrients or not. However, allow yourself 1 day in a month cheat meal where you can eat anything think you like.

If you have difficulty in building muscle, you can look to functional foods for gym people, these foods will not be harmful to your health, instead will provide you have all the nutrients you need. This will promote muscle growth more clearly.

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This food can be in restaurants or big chain brands, or it can be a trolley with loads of fast food places across the street. One of those iconic big brands is Mcdonald’s, KFC, Popeyes, King Burger, Domino Pizza, and many more.

Most fast foods are high in saturated fat, sugar, oils, spices, carbohydrates and calories.