Can I use pre-workout before a cardio workout?

The main use of pre-workout is to replenish energy, so you can completely use pre-workout before cardio, and of course, you need to drink it from 30-60 minutes to ensure nutrition is absorbed most optimal. …

pre-workout before a cardio

The main use of pre-workout is to replenish energy, so you can completely use pre-workout before cardio, and of course, you need to drink it from 30-60 minutes to ensure nutrition is absorbed most optimal.

Pre-workout is considered an important factor in promoting strength during training, whether it is lifting weights or doing cardio or machines.

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You should use this functional food if you want your body to develop more, let’s learn more with TrainRightMuscle.

Why use pre-workout before cardio?

The divine use of pre-workout is to supplement the nutrients needed to create the best energy for the body.

The main and most important ingredient is caffeine, a nerve-stimulating nutrient that helps cardio practitioners stay alert and highly focused, and has the effect of converting fat into needed energy.

Regardless of whether you perform heavy or light exercises, pre-workout will support you.

But the most important reason to use pre-workout before cardio is that they also have many nutritional ingredients that are safe for humans, not only caffeine, thereby helping to support issues such as increasing strength. strength, burn fat and improve your muscles.

Thanks to the effects, you absolutely get more benefits than users after doing cardio, your muscles are under control.

But be aware that if you are allergic to caffeine or have cardiovascular symptoms, you should consider or consult your doctor, as well as check your health.

Because usually depending on the manufacturer, pre-workout products will have from 200-400 caffeine per dose (equivalent to 2 cups of coffee) .

Can you drink Pre-workout before breakfast and then do cardio?

According to research, when you use pre-workout on an empty stomach, it will be absorbed faster because the ingredients easily enter the bloodstream, but this can still affect you, and not be good for the intestines later.

If you use pre-workout close to the time of exercise, for example, 15 minutes before, it is not sure to get the effect from it.

Inside the pre-workout are the ingredients that support training, and the food is the nutrition that is really necessary for the body.

So the complete answer is that you should eat a small meal before your cardio and before your pre-workout. To ensure effective results, you should eat breakfast at least 30-60 minutes before drinking pre-workout, as well as let the body digest these nutrients 1 hour before exercise.

This habit will help you stay away from other side effects and balance your health.

Should you eat pre-workout on empty stomach?

What are the benefits of combining pre-workout and cardio?

Cardio exercises with the main purpose of controlling people’s heart rate, mood, and spirit. Cardio exercises will help your body burn fat and convert it into energy.

You just need to complete simple exercises such as jogging and cycling, and your body will be provided with more oxygen and increase muscle endurance.

When you combine pre-workout and cardio, you will partly release the amount of adrenaline to increase energy and endurance for the body, and improve heart rate and vasodilation.

Cardio exercises are mostly applied to the whole body and fitness is the main, and thanks to that, pre-workout will play a very important role to improve muscle tissue to work at full capacity as well as providing nutrients for it.

Can pre-workout help you gain weight?

The answer is no. Pre-workout has no nutritional ingredients to support weight gain. Because this is a product specifically for those who want to improve exercise performance, physically and mentally.

In order for the body to gain weight, you need to pay attention to your daily nutrition through eating, resting and exercising.

If you want to use more functional foods to support weight gain, you should use weight gainer, this supplement contains many nutrients such as protein, carbs, fats and healthy amino acids.

How to use pre-workout properly?

1). Avoid drinking right before doing cardio

This is not advisable because pre-workout will not promote its effect. You need to give it time to absorb nutrients into the body, as well as avoid a full stomach when exercising, your breathing and activities will be quite uncomfortable.

On average, this supplement will take 3-5 hours or sometimes longer, so if you can’t arrange the time, then try to spend 30 minutes before using it, make sure that the process cardio or other exercises will be more effective.

2). Limit drinking pre-workout in the evening

The main ingredient is mainly caffeine, if you use it near bedtime, it will be easy to lose sleep.

Take note of this.

If you only have time to practice in the evening, you should choose products with a sufficient amount of caffeine, or reduce the dose by half, this will help you have a better and more comfortable sleep after a hard training session.

3). Selecting the right product

On the market today, there are many product lines with a variety of nutritional ingredients, and you need to learn to choose the right one for you.

At TrainRightMuscle, we have also come up with pre-workout products suitable for each audience, please consider your needs before reading them.

Each ingredient in this supplement has a way of improving certain individual needs. And in order to know which product is right for you, you need to understand the nutritional ingredients inside it:

  • Caffeine:

This is a natural molecule, and also a key ingredient in supplements, that helps stimulate certain parts of the brain to increase alertness and reduce stress.

Many people believe that they prefer coffee over other drinks because it can help people focus and stay more mentally stable.

According to studies, caffeine will help you increase endurance, and this will be completely suitable for those who regularly run, cycle, …

But the recommended dose of caffeine is 3-6 mg/kg body weight.

If used too much will easily cause dizziness, nausea, and easy collapse during that training session.

To ensure safety, you should carefully check the ingredients inside as well as monitor yourself if it is suitable or not, you can also reduce the dosage according to the requirements of the manufacturer, or change the product if you feel like it. found it inappropriate.

  • Beta-alanine:

This is a key amino acid that helps reduce muscle fatigue.

When the body is exercised for a while, the muscles will become tired and easy to cause pain, and you will no longer want to exercise.

Thanks to beta, the body will be increased with amino acids, helping to prolong the intensity from 1 to 4 minutes at a time.

For high-intensity cardio exercises, more attention should be paid to this nutrition.

  • Citrulline:

Citrulline is also an amino acid that is produced naturally in the body. Its use is to increase blood volume and supply oxygen to the muscles.

And according to research, citrulline also has the effect of reducing muscle pain.


Use a pre-workout before doing cardio or any other exercise, but remember to balance training time and use.

Take at least 30 minutes before your workout so your body can absorb the other nutrients, and don’t forget to focus on eating and resting.

Functional foods are only really effective if you know how to combine everything, go to bed early instead of staying up late, eat improperly or are lazy to exercise.

I hope you will have more motivation for your practice after reading this article.