Can you build muscle back without deadlifting?

Of course, you absolutely can build muscle back without deadlifting, besides deadlifting, there are many other exercises such as squad, pull up, using dumbbells or dumbbells, … But you will lose some of the effectiveness, …

build muscle back without deadlifting

Of course, you absolutely can build muscle back without deadlifting, besides deadlifting, there are many other exercises such as squad, pull up, using dumbbells or dumbbells, … But you will lose some of the effectiveness, the results of this exercise. I wonder why you intend to skip this exercise?

While this is a great opportunity with many advantages.

You’ve certainly heard about the deadlift and seen people do it during your workouts. In this article, I will talk more about the positives that this exercise brings.

What kind of exercise is a deadlift? How to do the right technique?

A deadlift is an exercise that can be said to work the entire body’s muscles in the most effective way.

Because it not only helps develop the back muscles but also has a strong impact on the shoulder muscles, chest muscles, and glutes, …

For those who practice professionally or for a long time, this great move will definitely not be missed.

This is also a very effective technique to support muscle gain and fat loss because it is a complex exercise.

These activities may seem very simple at first glance, but they are technically difficult because if you do them wrong, you will easily get injured later. With this activity, you only need a barbell and dumbbells can be applied.

Manipulations to practice deadlift correctly.

STEP1 – First, you need to stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width or slightly wider.

STEP2 – Bend down, then, use 2 hands to grasp the barbell. With the way of placing hands, you can let both palms face towards the body, or one side in front of the other is still fine. When crouching, make sure your face is still facing forward, don’t lower your face too much, and you will easily lose your balance.

STEP3 – When bending, keep your back straight, do not arch your back because it will affect your spine, which is very dangerous.

STEP4 – Eyes looking straight ahead, slowly raise your body and dumbbells up. Note that always keep the barbell touching your body throughout the movement.

STEP5 – Then slowly lower the barbell, avoid lowering too quickly or it will cause danger to the pelvis, repeat the movement from 8 to 10 times 1 set.

Some notes when practising.

Because this is a complex exercise, you need to do warm-up exercises to warm up your body and avoid cramps or injured muscles.

When in the bent down position, you will need to take a deep breath, when lifting the weight gradually, you will breathe gently and evenly.

Avoid keeping the barbell too far from your feet, this is the wrong position. You need to be as close to your feet as possible.

Variations of deadlift exercises

Sumo Deadlift:

This exercise will be different from the original deadlift position with the feet wider than the shoulders, the hands will be placed on the soles of the feet, and the use of the Sumo deadlift will contribute to reducing the pressure on your lower back. This position is often used by athletes when their weight is too heavy.

Trap Bar Deadlift:

This move will be suitable for beginners because this trap bar will help them a lot. Avoid lifting vertically, but only near straight, then slowly lower.

Dumbbell Single Leg Deadlift:

This is a form of deadlift with 1 leg. Hold two dumbbells in your hands in front of your thighs, then slowly lower your body, one leg behind you. From an upright position, you return to that movement, repeating about 8-10 times on each side.

Check more variations

Why is a deadlift important?

Firstly, this is an exercise that affects the entire body of the body, from the back to the chest, arm and shoulder muscles. This exercise is just as important as the squat.

In addition, Deadlift also supports practitioners in effectively losing fat, because this compound exercise will force the whole body to work, especially large muscle groups, from which the body will burn more energy than other muscle groups. other types of exercises. There have been many people who have successfully lost weight.

According to physiologist Kevin Farley, this exercise will engage all major muscle groups. Therefore, you should not skip this exercise.

Followed by a deadlift that will help you improve your strength. Compared to exercises that use barbells or single dumbbells, the deadlift also helps you lift a higher weight when this is an exercise that connects to the biceps, helping to increase thrust quickly.

Besides deadlift, is there any other exercise to develop back muscles?

There are many exercises that work your back, with the purpose of developing as well as preventing all kinds of injuries. Those include:

  • Pulling resistance rope
  • Using weights
  • Pull-ups
  • Woodchop
  • Lat pulldown
  • Good morning
  • Reverse fly machine
  • Cable face pulls

If the deadlift works on multiple muscle groups, then I only need to do this one exercise in a year?

The answer is no. Although this exercise will work for large muscle groups, it will not be enough if you want to develop the entire muscle group. Instead, you should incorporate a variety of exercises that target certain muscle groups.

It’s like push-ups, push-ups also work big muscle groups like the shoulder, pectoral, and biceps muscles, but it won’t be enough.

It has been observed that a person does a combination of certain exercises compared to someone who does only one exercise over a period of time.

If you want to practice deadlifting effectively, you should only practise 2 times a week, and once every 2 to 3 days.

Because this exercise, if practised correctly, you will be very tired. For beginners, it is recommended to practice only once a week, because newbies need time to get used to the techniques, as well as avoid related injuries.

Is deadlifting harmful in the future?

A deadlift is not harmful to the latter at all. The exercises are thoroughly researched before being shared widely. You just need to perform the right technique, use a moderate weight, avoid putting too much weight when exercising or do not warm up properly, warm up the body first, injury will easily occur.

Deadlifts, in the long run, will improve your health, even more, you will also have strong and toned back muscles.

You can also use it with a belt when doing this exercise to protect your back.


In short, you can develop your muscles without a deadlift, but they will not develop enough if you don’t take this impressive technique. And that’s really a big omission. Instead, you should combine a deadlift with a variety of exercises for each muscle group, because the effectiveness of the exercises will vary from person to person.

It comes with a healthy diet and proper rest. Because the deadlift is basically an exercise with a “thought to be easy” technique, but it’s not. You need to understand the mechanism of action and movements for this exercise.