Average Thigh Size For 15 Year Old

Having bigger and stronger thighs is a sought-after feature, this is because bigger and stronger thighs improve activities such as running and jumping. Larger thighs can also be seen as aesthetically pleasing both from a …

Having bigger and stronger thighs is a sought-after feature, this is because bigger and stronger thighs improve activities such as running and jumping. Larger thighs can also be seen as aesthetically pleasing both from a male and female perspective.

A 15 year old that wants to know the average thigh size for their age is most likely looking to use this as a goal for their exercise routine. Knowing the average size can help you track your progress when it comes to building larger thighs.

The average thigh size for a 15 year old will depend on the gender of the individual. A 15 year old girl will have an average thigh size of 19.6 inches, and a 15 year old boy will have an average thigh size of 20.2 inches.

How To Measure Thigh Size?

Measuring the circumference of your thighs is important for assessing the current level you are at in terms of thigh size. So, benchmarking where you’r at establishes a baseline which you should strive to improve on.

The first step to measuing your tighs is to stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Then you shall place the measuring tape a round the widest part of your thigh, ensure it is snug, but not too tight.

Keep in mind, when you’re measuring your thighs, ensure that you flex your quads, this is so you get the most accurate measurements.

Can A 15 Year Old Build Muscle?

A 15 year olds ability to build muscles depends on many factors such as gender and puberty. On one hand, a male 15 year old is likely able to build muscle depending on their physiology and lifestyle, and the presence of testosterone.

This means a 15 year old boy will be able to put on more muscle faster compared to their female counterparts. This is mainly due to the hormone (testosterone) which females have very little of.

Additionally, a 15 year old is naturally going to grow larger muscles as they age, and this is true even if they do not work out. If you’re 15, please note that your body is most likely going through significant physical changes, so do not feel stressed if you’re not putting on as much muscle as you want.

How To Build Larger Thighs?

The goal of building larger thighs requires patience, especially if you’re only 15 year olds. But if you’re dedicated and disciplined, then I believe you can most likely build bigger thighs.

You need to discipline your life, so this includes dieting and consuming a protein rich diet. Also, getting adequate amounts of sleep is crucial as you’ll need it after an intense workout session. Your muscles will have a hard time repairing if you get poor sleep.

Ensure that you’re in a calorie surplus, working out your thighs will burn a lot of calories, so you need to ensure that you’re eating enough food. And remember, consistency is key, you won’t build large thighs in a short period of time.



Squats is one of the most important workouts you’ll need to master if you’re only 15 year olds. Squats are responsible for engaging the quadriceps gluteus maximus, and the hamstrings.

Performing the standard squat is pretty simple, since you’re only 15, we recommend that you practice getting your form right first. So this means standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, toes pointing slightly outwards.

Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor, you can go deeper once you’re more comfortable with the movement. Rmember, keep your heels on the floor as this is crucial for engaging muscles in the thighs.

Leg Press

Leg press

The leg press is a great workout to start with, they engage the front and the back of your thighs, this will help build larger thighs. The range of motion is wide, and recruits multiple muscles which allows for faster growth in the muscle.

In order to perform the leg press, find a leg press machine and adjust it to fit your needs. It will most likely need calbirating to fit your needs as you’re only 15. Start with a few plates first, grip the handles, and when you’re ready, unclock the weights.

When performing the leg press, it’s crucial to never lock your knees. This is a mistake you’ll immediately regret as it can cause significant damage and injury. So it’s good to practice with light weights first to get the form correct for when you move onto heavier and more dangerous weights.

Walking Lunges


Wlking lunges is one of the best workouts for toning your lower body and boost strength in your thighs. Walking lunges have one key benefit and that is that it strengthens your core and improves upon stability and balance which is crucial for athletes.

To perform walking lunges, you need to stand with your feet hip width apart with your arms around your sides. Take a large step forward and lower your body into a lunge position. Ensure that you push off with your front foot, and bring the back leg forward and repeat the movement.

As a 15 year old, we recommend practicing the workout without any weights first, this is so you can learn the form, and it will help imrpvoe balance and coordination for when you include weights for extra intensity.

Leg Curl

The leg curl is a crucial workout for building a bigger thigh, this is because it works out the hamstrings which is a integral component to the circumference of your thigh.

To perform the leg curl, find a leg curl machine and sit in it with your back firmly against the back rest. Place your feet on the footpad and ensure they’re securely in place. Make sure you engage your hamstrings and curl your legs backwards using an acceptable weight for hypotrophy.

This is a pretty easy workout to do as a 15 year old as it’s a machine that doesn’t really require you to practice getting your form right. So you can jump in straight away with a weight you’re comfortable with.


In conclusion, we believe 15 year old boys and girls can put on muscle in their thighs. It will improve your lower body strength, and also make you look more aesthetically pleasing.

Just remember, discipline is crucial, and you will have a hard time building bigger thighs if you don’t eat right, sleep enough, or lack consistency.