What is the Average Deadlift For a 15-Year-Old?

Heavier weights do not always mean; gaining muscles and strength after spending numerous hours testing different strategies to grow back muscle and strength. You’re very likely to injure your lower back. A deadlift is a …

Answer: An average deadlift for a 15-year-old is anywhere from 70 Kg to 80Kg. This is just a rough weight you should be working towards for the deadlift. However, your average deadlift might be different from person to person. Check your average height to body weight.

Heavier weights do not always mean; gaining muscles and strength after spending numerous hours testing different strategies to grow back muscle and strength. You’re very likely to injure your lower back. A deadlift is a compound movement requiring multiple muscle groups to engage while performing a deadlift.

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There are many factors which affect your deadlift that are:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Diet
  • Exercise frequency
  • Supplement Intake
  • Body fat
  • Muscle Mass

Everyone is different in their own ways. Focus on yourself rather than chasing weights to impress others. The most important factors are training deadlift frequently and Diet. Other factors such as bigger height, average weight, good supplements, bigger Muscle Mass, and average Body fat are a bonus. However, that does not mean your deadlift cannot increase.  

How to Increase Deadlift?

Training Deadlift frequency: When it comes to training, muscle memory is important. The mind needs to be connected to your muscles when training. It might be something new for a beginner, but muscle memory is vital.

Deadlifts should be performed once a week. This itself will balance all muscle groups, which may be weak. For example, when I started doing a deadlift. I struggled to hold the bar itself, but I was training deadlift frequency and improving my form. I manage to make my hamstring, glutes, back forearms and grip strength and slowly increase the weight over time.

Training Cycle to Increase Deadlift:


The cycle above is for anyone who’s trying to increase their deadlift. At the very first, FIND a medium weight for your deadlift. This can be done by testing different weight deadlifts. AIM for 4 sets with 12 clean reps. The correct form should be applied when performing a deadlift. Rest time should be 60-120 seconds between each rep. TRAIN your deadlift once a week on your back day or a pull day (Consistency is key). TRACK your weights, the number of sets, reps and rest time between each set. This will help you remember your last deadlift numbers. REPEAT the process until you’re comfortable with the deadlift weight. INCREASE, finally you should be increasing the weight reasonably.

The result of this will be incredible as your strength will go up, your body weight should increase, your form should get better, and it will increase your deadlift overtime. Remember, this won’t happen overnight; it’s a long process/investment. It could take a month or two, but you have been consistent and disciplined.     

Diet: Most people forget how important diet is when it comes to muscle growth or strength. Food works in a sense where the more you eat, the more you can grow. However, it depends on what you eat. For example, eating more sugar, fat and junk foods will grow excess fat. More Carbs will increase your body weight, and more protein will increase your overall growth.

Your Diet should be a balanced meal. Eat enough protein, carbohydrates and fat. At the very least, you should be eating 3 meals a day to increase your deadlift. You probably see most bodybuilders and powerlifters; they eat many foods and train hardcore. This allows their damaged muscle and strength to go up. It aims to track your calories throughout the days and your Macros. This is very beneficial as you will increase or decrease your weight significantly.

How to perform a Deadlift?

Deadlifts should be performed correctly; otherwise, they can lead to major injuries. Priorities Form overweights, and this means focusing on your form first and gradually increasing your weight on the deadlift. Here is how to perform Deadlift.

  • Have the barbell ready where it’s placed very close to the shin
  • Bend down while keeping straight back and grip the barbell shoulder with apart
  • Keep the knees parallel to each other and ensure it’s inside the forearms.

Pulling/Straight Position

  • Grip your hand hard to the barbell and take a DEEP breath in
  • Focus on pushing the ground away.
  • Pull the barbell while keeping the elbows straight.
  • From the starting position move the whole body to stand straight while holding the barbell.
  • Ensure the back is straight throughout the whole deadlift.
  • While in the straight position, take a deep breath out and good back to Starting position.

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