Should I take Pre-Workout on the Keto diet? [Explained]

You can absolutely use pre-workout on the KETO diet. But you need to know that not all pre-workout products are suitable for people on the KETO diet. If you are following this diet, then you …

Pre-Workout on the Keto diet

You can absolutely use pre-workout on the KETO diet. But you need to know that not all pre-workout products are suitable for people on the KETO diet. If you are following this diet, then you need to avoid products that are too high in sugar and low in carbs.

Pre-workout is the perfect supplement for gym goers, with a variety of uses such as improving exercise capacity, fat burning and performance boosting, brain focus, and knowing how to combine the two. To get the body you want, you need to understand its form, check out this article.

The Perfect Keto Diet?

KETO (Ketogenic) is understood in detail as a diet with a lot of good fats and low in carbohydrates, the purpose is to use those fats as a source of ingredients. This menu not only helps the body burn more energy, but can also reduce blood sugar in the body, and insulin levels.

The allowed carb intake is in the range of less than 50g per day, so ketogenic will significantly increase blood ketone levels because in this mode your brain will focus on being fueled by ketones. The reason is that when the amount of carbs is less absorbed by the body, your liver will produce more ketones, which are also extremely important molecules.

According to research, the keto diet not only helps with weight loss but also increases insulin sensitivity by up to 75%. In addition, 95% of those on the keto diet also reduced or stopped using their diabetes medication compared to 62% of those on a high-carb diet.

Build Muscle

The Keto method is divided into 3 forms, not just 1 as people often think:

1). Regular Keto Mode

This is the most common and easy-to-use model.

To make sure you can properly apply this form, you need to control your food according to the nutritional content as follows:

  • Protein: only 20%
  • Carbs: only 5%
  • Fat: 75%

Using this recipe diet, you will completely get many benefits that Keto brings.

2). Cycle Keto

This form is very simple, instead of the usual form you need to pay attention to the amount of the serving.

An example is an average of 7 days, then you spend 5 days on a low carb diet, the other 2 days will eat a high carb diet (more carbs in the diet).

The purpose of cycling is for the body to adapt, as well as to easily eliminate unnecessary carbohydrates.

Another way is that you will divide into 2 days of high carb, 2 days of moderate eating and the remaining 3 days will eat low carb.

The corresponding amount of fat will be inversely proportional to the amount of carbon, for example, if you eat a lot of carbs today, you will have less fat.

3). High protein diet

Different from the usual diet, you need to pay attention to the nutritional content in the following way:

  • Carb: 5%
  • Protein: 30%
  • Fat: 60%

What are the amazing benefits of the KETO diet?

1). Helps to lose weight effectively

This is the most visible use for weight control of an overweight person because the dishes on the Keto menu will make you feel more full, burn fat and reduce calories.

Food often focuses on things like meat, eggs, sausages, cheese, seeds and vegetables, etc., so they are rich in protein and fat, which in turn will increase the ability to consume calories because the metabolism is transferred. turn into glucose.

Not only helps to lose weight effectively but also improves high blood pressure and increases cholesterol for those who apply.

According to research, weight loss following the Keto diet is up to 3 times faster than those on the diet to British Diabetes Association, causing more and more people around the world to start the following keto.

2). Improves mentality and concentration

Ketogenic will give you a feeling of comfort and energy because clean foods are guaranteed to be safe and highly effective. Consuming fats will help the brain more, mainly omega-3, help the brain function better, and improve memory.

If you are a bodybuilder, you can completely combine both forms of the keto diet and use pre-workout accompanying food, to ensure the most comprehensive development of the body.

Combination of Pre-Workout on the Keto diet?

Pre-workout is a product line that supports the nutrients you need for an energetic workout. The keto diet is a great way to get quality nutrition. Combining the two, the practice, as well as the goal, will be perfect.

You can opt for pre-workout supplements that contain 0 to 6 carbs per serving, so you can stay in ketosis. The reason is that when in this state, ketones in the body will absorb energy from fatty acids, instead of getting it from carbs. Therefore, when choosing to use pre-workout, you need to focus more on the carbs content, as well as check the label before buying to monitor the amount of sugar in the ingredients.

Creatine and beta-alanine are compounds commonly found in pre-workout. Which beta-alanine has an important role in supporting the burning of fat, while creatine plays a role in creating energy for the body, through the production of ATP.

Except beta-alanine has many uses in promoting endurance and improving muscle, another weakness of it is that it can cause a tingling sensation, which is not exactly liked by everyone, but this is a natural reaction. natural and will make the body more focused.

Also, an important ingredient in pre-workout is caffeine, but why do people put them in pre-workout?

Because of its divine use, if Keto foods help you absorb healthy nutrition, caffeine will help you optimize those types of energy, by burning fat for the body, and controlling the levels of concentration of the brain.

How to eat when applying keto with pre-workout?

The keto diet will ensure more fat burning than the normal form, and in order for effective eating and pre-workout to work to its fullest potential, you should pay attention to the following:

1). Choose foods that contain healthy fats

You just learned that keto will use fat to burn more, so the food choice should also be careful. Healthy fats are unsaturated fats, some examples are fish, cheese, chia seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, eggs, etc.

2). A nutritionally complete eating plan

Sufficient here means making sure the ingredients in the dish are checked and selected.

Avoid eating too much because it will reduce the effectiveness of pre-workout.

A lot of people also don’t like feeling too full before a workout, so you need to be in control to make sure everything goes smoothly.

3). Combine with keto-friendly pre-workouts

There are many types of products on the market such as C4 Original, Old School Labs, and Perfect Keto, …


You can totally combine the two, a keto diet and a pre-workout, but you need to know which is the most important. If your goal is to lose weight, then you should invest more in nutrition, sleep and exercise.

Avoid overusing supplements, and when choosing a pre-workout, check the label to track ingredients that may cause allergies.