Informative HIIT workouts : Everything you need to know

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. This workout was created in the early 2000s and was associated with running or cycling. HIIT workouts include mainly exercise, which is both low and high intensity, and the …

HIIT workout

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. This workout was created in the early 2000s and was associated with running or cycling. HIIT workouts include mainly exercise, which is both low and high intensity, and the aim is to increase high-intensity performance. The mixture of low and high-intensity activities works where the low intensity help clear lactic acid from the blood, which allows the individual to perform more high-intensity work.

HIIT workouts are not just sprinting, walking up hills and traditional interval training. It is working extremely hard for a short time. The results speak for themselves. In the 1920’s a finished athlete used interval training towards the Olympic games, and he won several gold medals. Not only that, many athletes have won awards and performed better after adding interval training.

Common HIIT protocol are:

Gibala intervals

It is high-intensity work for 60 Seconds followed by rest (75 Seconds) and repeated 8-12 cycles.

Burgomaster intervals

It is high-intensity work for 30 seconds followed by an easy recovery of (4 minutes) and repeated 4-7 times.

What is HITT workout?

HIIT is High-Intensity Interval Training which is a form of cardiovascular. This is where a user performs a mixture of high and low-intensity workouts within a short period; there will be a short rest break in the middle, usually the low-intensity activity. HITT workouts range from 10-30 mins. Using HIIT workout, high numbers of calories can be burned in a short period. Depending on your goals, the two categories for HITT can be performed: HIT (High-intensity training) and SIT(sprint interval training)

Benefits of HIIT

1) Lots of Calories can be Burnt in a Short Period of time

Using HIIT, the same amount of calories will be burned in a short period.

One study has shown that 30 Mins of HIIT training burned 25-30% more calories than any other exercise. So in the Study, 20 seconds of high-intensity exercise are performed with a maximal effort, followed by 40 seconds of rest.

2) HIIT workout will help you lost fat

Studies have shown that HIIT helps reduce body fat and waist circumference. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to add HIIT workouts to your plan if you are obese or overweight.

3) You can gain Muscle using HIIT

Studies have shown that some muscle can be gained using HIIT workout, but less active individuals will see the difference more. However, weight training is more efficient for muscle growth.

4) Oxygen Consumption will increase

Oxygen Consumptions means muscle being able to use oxygen, and endurance training is best for it.

One study has shown that performing HIIT workout for 20 mins every day for four days improved oxygen consumption by 9%

HIIT training can improve oxygen consumption, just like endurance training.

5) HIIT can reduce blood Sugar

HIIT programs can help reduce blood sugar after performing for 12 weeks at least.

6) Reduce Heart Rate and Blood Pressure.

There are some essential health benefits when it comes to HIIT workouts.

Many research that HIIT workouts reduce blood pressure and heart rate for overweight and obese individuals.

However, some studies show that individuals with average weight don’t typically change blood pressure.

7) Equipment are not Necessary

When it comes to HIIT workouts, equipment is not needed as there are so many exercises that can be performed without equipment with HIIT.

This means you can save money by not going gym or buying equipment as no equipment are needed. Whether your home, garden, or park, you can perform HIIT workouts anywhere (open area).

Drawbacks of HIIT

1) Injuries can be increased

Beginners are likely to get injured easily as for them, some of the exercises might be uncomfortable and complicated, like box jumps or burpees, etc. If performed exercise incorrectly, injuries are likely to occur, such as pulled muscle.

Moreover, HIIT workouts will lead an individual with heavy stress on their body, leading to joint strains over time. Also, for beginners, it’s recommended to perform HIIT workouts under the guidance of a professional trainer to make sure your form is correct, as it will help prevent injuries.

2. More Advanced Preparation

HIIT workout requires a lot of dedication and discipline. They are not made for newbies as HIIT contains complicated moves and intense exercises, best for experienced gym people. So for a beginner, you will need to prepare yourself for weeks of lower intensity training.

3. Discomfort

HIIT is tough, meaning you will have to get out of your comfort zone and work hard. You will be pushing to your limits and feeling exhausted. Therefore, some people will find it discomforting.

Questions on HIIT Workouts

Is HIIT Workout good for weight loss and belly fat ?

Yes, HIIT workouts are great for weight loss compared to other traditional exercises. However, HIIT workouts may be different from person to person. Therefore you need to ensure you pick the right HIIT workout for yourself. For example, An Advanced gym athlete will find a beginner HIIT workout less intense than more advanced.

HIIT workouts are made to burn a vast amount of calories in a short period. This will increase the process of weight loss. If you are looking to lose weight, then HIIT workouts are highly recommended.

When training HIIT workouts, Belly Fat can be lost easily, but to increase the process, make sure lots of core exercises are added to your HIIT workout.

Should I add HITT to my workouts?

Yes, if your main goal is to lose weight, toning up or maintaining your weight. Depending on the plans, HIIT exercises need to be adjusted accordingly.

What Timing is better to do HITT workout?

I don’t believe timing has to do anything with HIIT workout. I can perform the same workout at different timing but ending up with the same results. However, it is always better to perform workout time what works for you. For example, I train evening time around 7 pm every day, so my body understands it, but I haven’t found any difference when training the same HIIT workout in the Morning or the Night.

Is HIIT better than cardio?

They both are great for losing body fat and Toning up. Cardio is a steady-state exercise where the heart rate is increased above 50% MHR for a while. In contrast, HIIT is a High Interval exercise where the heart rate increases to 80-90% MHR for a short period. Studies have shown that HIIT workout is better for losing body fat compared to traditional exercise.

Should I do 15 min, 20 mins or 25 mins HIIT everyday?

It depends on your level of fitness. If you’re a beginner, start with 15 min HIIT every day and slowly build your way to up 30 min of HIIT. But that doesn’t mean 15 minutes of HIIT workouts are not good. It all depends on what type of exercise is in your HIIT and how intense they are.

Affect of HIIT to your Body

Does HIIT make thighs bigger?

Yes, HIIT will have to target lower body exercises on your HIIT workout. This will make your thighs bigger and more defined, but weight training exercises are more effective for growing bigger thighs.

Does HIIT make you lean and tones your body ?

Yes, HIIT workouts effectively get lean as you benefit, both aerobic and strength training exercises. If you plan to get lean with a strong tone physique, then add HIIT workouts to your training.