Do Mass Gainers Make you sleepy?

Surely anyone has ever experienced this condition. The body feels tired and sleepy after eating something. In Mass too, there will be a few people who feel sleepy and sluggish after putting this amount of …


Surely anyone has ever experienced this condition. The body feels tired and sleepy after eating something. In Mass too, there will be a few people who feel sleepy and sluggish after putting this amount of food into their body. And if you don’t notice, the amount of carbs or sweeteners in Mass is quite large.

Based on surveys from our readers, each person has a different answer. So why do some people feel sleepy when using Mass, and how to deal with it if you are in that situation?

Let us answer it for you.



YES, Mass Gainer makes you sleepy.

The first reason is that your body consumes too many carbs, your blood sugar will be higher (this has been proven), and then your body will give insulin to lower the sugar down. That will be the reaction of blood sugar, and the same key reason why you feel sleepy when using Mass. Besides, the amount of fat in Mass is usually high, you expend energy to deal with that fat, and you will also feel tired.

That’s why doctors or professional gymnasts always advise us to monitor and limit the use of sweets and fatty foods. Mass should have fat because it contains a lot of calories (1 gram of fat will give 9 calories), helps users gain weight, and this is completely legal.

This will not affect everyone if we do not use too much compared to the regulation. That’s why before buying a certain support product, you need to know your current health status, and then find the right product line. You can check out the highly effective Mass Gain here.

The second reason you’re sleepy is a lack of exercise. You spend too much time practising, participating in heavy exercises, after training you to drink Mass to restore muscles. This also is a subjective cause of fatigue.

To avoid these, we recommend the following:

  • Please check your health before using any functional products
  • Check the ingredients in the product, and how much you will consume to get that number of calories.
  • Adhering to a reasonable diet, you can combine Mass with healthy foods such as fruits, and smoothies to reduce the sweetness.
  • Combination of light but highly effective exercises
  • Arrange enough sleep time and fit your schedule, don’t overdo it.


What happens if you stop taking mass gainer

Whey and Mass are the two most prominent and specialized milk lines in the gym world. Each product has a different distinction in terms of quality, brand and dedication in the field of functional foods. You can completely combine Whey and Mass, Mass will be considered a side meal and Whey will be used in the morning after waking up and after training. But to say either is interchangeable is not at all. It depends on each person’s body.

But both Whey and Mass both provide support to the user by absorbing essential nutrients in a meal. So how can you choose which product is best for you? Let’s analyze what’s inside the product:


Whey usually has the same or higher amount of protein than Mass. Whey lines usually use 100% natural (accounting for about 60-80%), which helps users absorb higher and better and this is suitable for those who want to gain weight slowly and moderately while still ensuring effectiveness.

Mass will have high protein content because it is combined with many nutritional sources, helping the body to have more nutrients needed for growth. The mass has high protein, so it can help you gain weight and improve muscle.


Adding a point to offset each other, the carb content in whey will be less than in Mass because whey will be optimized for weight gain, so only space for protein and calories. Mass is high in carbs because Mass will be more supportive of improving training, helping to increase muscle mass.

The amount of carbs in this is usually a mixture of 2 natural sugars: Maltodextrin and Glucose.

Whey is mainly a source of pure protein, so carbs only make up about 3-5g per serving.


A calorie is a unit that helps users track weight development. Although Whey is optimal for weight gain, the calories are often lower than Mass.

Mass is often specialized for people who have difficulty gaining weight and gaining muscle, so it makes sense to have a lot of calories.

So, is Mass better than Whey?

Compared to the quantity, Mass is higher with Whey, but Whey will use natural protein powder with a high ratio, so it is partly said that Whey will gain weight with a stable level of effectiveness. Mass is high in calories and high in carbs, helping to gain weight correctly and build muscle.

Each product will be optimal and effective for each person. You must know which group you belong to, and what your goals are to choose the right product line.

Check the comparison in more detail.


You need to know the following basic information. Creatine is an organic compound, which is completely natural in muscle cells, they are often found in vertebrates. Creatine helps provide ATP (this is a molecule responsible for storing energy and helping to increase strength when exercising). In addition, creatine also contributes to muscle improvement, increased recovery and anti-fatigue, which is why creatine in bodybuilding is so important. Mass Gainer usually contains creatine, but depending on the product contains more or less, or maybe not at all.

Therefore, you can completely use the two together, to stimulate and grow your muscles. Furthermore, creatine can work well and powerfully with proteins and carbs when they are combined. Remember, things will work if you don’t overdo them.


best time to make mass gainers

This completely depends on your body and how much volume you use once. But in general, mass gainers can be digested for an hour or more when you combine them with certain activities to burn them off. If you use more than the recommended dose, it will take longer and may not be good for digestion.

If you want to digest Mass faster, use a product that contains a lot of fibre. Fibre has the effect of reducing bloating as well as helping to digest nutrients quickly.

Many types of Mass today also have added different digestive enzymes because the body loads a large number of calories, this is beneficial and necessary. Two main types of enzymes are commonly found: Protease and Lactase. Protease will have the function of digesting protein, while Lactase simply digests Lactose (a type of sugar commonly found in milk), into glucose and galactose.

What should be done is to measure the weight in each serving that you use when combined with the main meal, so that the body receives just enough and still ensures good absorption.