What is the Average Bench Press For A 18 Year Old?

Walking into any gym, you’ll find one thing in common: the famous bench positioned under a barbell. If you see a gym in movies, you might see your favourite characters bench pressing. But why is …

Average Rep for Bench Press

Walking into any gym, you’ll find one thing in common: the famous bench positioned under a barbell. If you see a gym in movies, you might see your favourite characters bench pressing.

But why is this exercise so common? For one thing, it has enormous benefits. You can target your chest area, triceps, and front shoulders with this classic equipment. Also, it gives the glamour and is a symbol of a string body backed by hundreds of hours of hard work.

Here are some of the benefits of bench pressing the next time you hit the gym with a goal in hindsight:

  • It helps increase your upper body strength.
  • It improves your muscular endurance, making other exercises like push-ups easier.
  • It is an effective exercise to help you train for sports such as football, hockey, or sprinting.
  • You can build on your chest muscles, giving your body a muscular look.
  • Strong triceps make your arms look in great shape (perfect for impressing the ladies)

However, before you begin, there are some precautions that you must take. Even though it is a traditional exercise machine, you must start after making sure that you are ready for the load. Otherwise, you might tear your muscles. It will be a sharp pain or swelling across the area if you do not build up your strength and bench press according to your age and weight.

Here are some essential points to consider if you are a beginner bench presser, an intermediate one, or are pressing on the advanced level.

Average Bench press for Beginner

Bench press Beginner

You might feel that bench pressing is quite tricky at the beginner or novice level. However, if you start at the right level, you are ready to begin your bench-pressing journey.

If you have not had any weightlifting experience before, it is better to start learning the technique first. You can do a 22 pounds training bar which will help you get the feel of the bench press. You can also begin with machine-free exercises such as push-ups and dips to start getting into the routine and prepping your muscles for a strength training regime.

Firstly, this will make you feel comfortable and perfect the technique before adding any more weights. Furthermore, you can gradually increase the weights to maintain your performance and not strain your muscles.

Additionally, it would be best to keep in mind that every person is different. For some, bench pressing and progressing to newer levels might not be very difficult. They might have more upper body strength. However, it is recommended that you work at your pace to be comfortable with the lifting and get all the said benefits of bench pressing.


Men can lift heavier loads than women of the same strength. Also, men are strongest in their 20s and 30s. This is the time when they can build up the muscle. In their 40s, the strength declines. There might be exceptions, but some general facts are being stated.

Body Weight (Lbs)Untrained (Lbs)Novice (Lbs)
114 85 110
132 100 125
165 120 150
198 135 175
242 145 190
319 155 200
320+ 160 205

From 18-29 years of age, one can bench press at 100% of their body weight. This is the average, and there are certainly some exceptions.


Women can also start their upper body training through bench pressing. However, since women generally do not have upper body strength, they should begin with plank variations, push-ups, and dips. This will prepare them for bench pressing.

The following table presents the average weightlifting according to body weight:

Body Weight (Lbs)Untrained (Lbs)Novice (Lbs)
199 +95120

The table above, when compared to the table for men, shows that men, in general, can lift heavier weights compared to women.

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Average Bench press for Intermediate

Bench Press

When you have worked your way up to the intermediate level and are easily bench pressing at the novice level according to your weight, it is recommended that you gradually increase your weights. A gradual increase is recommended so you stay comfortable with the lifting and do not damage or strain your muscles unnecessarily.


When men have reached their novice level, they should progress to the intermediate level based on their body weight. Also, consider that the bodyweight is changing since you are in muscle training. You should keep in mind that you record your body weight and lift weight accordingly.

Furthermore, since you are weight training, you must be taking a nutrient-rich diet. This will also impact your weight, therefore, your weightlifting capacity.

The following table shows the weight that you can lift according to your body weight:

Body Weight (Lbs)Intermediate (Lbs)
320 plus250


For women, bone health is a topic that has been discussed for a long time. Because of the gender that gives birth, women are more likely to have bone issues such as osteoporosis or arthritis. However, bench pressing at an appropriate level can help you beat the possibilities of bone issues.

Therefore, before women turn 30, working on a weightlifting regime can prove quite effective in overcoming these issues after turning 30.

If you have already mastered the beginning and novice levels, buckle up for the intermediate level. Here’s a table that summarizes the average weightlifting you should do according to your body weight.

Body Weight (Lbs)Intermediate (Lbs)
199 +140

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Average Bench Press for Advanced

Elite Gym Lad


Take your time to reach the advanced level. It is not as easy as you think because it takes time, effort, and consistency to get to this level. This is major because you need to gradually increase once you start strength training. At least twelve weeks at the beginner and novice level, followed by 12 weeks of the intermediate level, is recommended. This is because you don’t want to rush into things and increase your weight every day.

This might cause you to overdo your muscles, and your muscles will unlearn everything in case of a gap. Instead, you would want to increase gradually, so the strength is developed and the actual purpose of doing strength training is achieved.

Here is a table for the advanced and elite level of bench pressing for men:

Body Weight (Lbs)Advanced (Lbs)Elite (Lbs)
320 +340425


As stated above, remember that strength training is not just a short-term thing that helps you increase your upper body strength. You will not retain this strength if you are not consistent in your efforts. As a result, strength and muscle training becomes a part of your lifestyle and not just like crash diets where you can see immediate results.

You will also need to combine the bench press with other exercises to assure that you are following a strength training regime that covers all areas and not just the triceps, chest area, and shoulders. Therefore, in this, basic push-ups are also a great addition.

Here is the bench-pressing average for the advanced and elite level according to women’s body weight:

Body Weight (Lbs)Advanced (Lbs)Elite (Lbs)
199 +175220

At the elite level, many sportspersons regularly bench press in combination with other exercises. It would be best if you understood how much your body could endure and your capacity. It is not important to always move up to the next level.

You can keep exercising to ensure that you maintain one level of strength training. However, consistency is key, and if you take gaps, your level can decline from the advanced level to the basic level too.

How to Improve your Bench Press?

Now that you’ve read about the average bench pressing for beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced, and elite level, here are some tips that can help you transition from one level to the other. Remember, it is not just about increasing your weights steadily, but improving your upper body strength takes a combination of a lot of other factors, including your nutrition intake.

Scale-up Gradually

It is important that you understand that once to take up strength training, there should not be any immediate expectations. It takes time to see results because the strength is built up gradually. Therefore, at least a period of 12 weeks at each level is necessary to ensure that you are moving at the right pace.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is the key to achieving your fitness goals. Whether it is weight loss or muscle building, you should stay consistent. Otherwise, it does not take long for your muscles to unlearn what you have worked hard for. Small gaps in between can be covered. But month-long or year-long gaps are not good for retaining your muscle strength, nor will they help in transitioning to higher levels of training.

Eat Right

You must include foods in your diet that build lean muscles. This includes healthy carbs, proteins, and fats. You could include eggs, fish, chicken, and milk in your diet which would really help you to improve your workout and increase your strength. Also, plenty of fruits and vegetables are necessary to ensure that you are getting the fibre and organic nutrition that you need.

Also, you should ensure that you drink enough liquids before, during, and after the workout. This would assure that all that exercise does not dehydrate you.

Use Appropriate Form

You must be using the correct form to get the maximum benefits from this classic exercise routine. The good form is pressing your feet onto the floor, arching the lower back, and pressing your glutes and shoulders onto the bench.

Also, overexerting yourself and pushing to lift beyond your limits is unhealthy too.

Vary your Training Routine

It is important that you don’t only stick to one kind of exercise. Target your whole body so you can increase your flexibility. This includes involving yoga and aerobic exercises, which help increase your endurance.

Also, between weightlifting sessions, it is important to take breaks in between. You need at least one full day of resting for major muscle groups so you don’t overexert yourself.

It is also important that you practice correctly inhaling and exhaling techniques. You should exhale when lifting the weight and inhale as lowering it down.

Work with a Trainer

As stated, all of these figures of the weight that you should lift according to your weight and age level are averages. It is important that you have a trainer who can help you in following a program consistently as well as develop a workout that is most efficient for you.

Trainers can make sure that your body is positioned rightly, so you avoid any injuries to your body and muscles. Slight-off angles can be noticed by a trainer only.

They also give the moral support that you might need to push for that goal. 


It is important to ensure that once you set your mind to strength training and muscle building, you should not expect anything immediately. As an 18-year-old, you can start and progress along with the levels quite quickly because you have the ability and strength in your muscles to do so.

However, if you tune your mind for immediate results, you will not receive any benefits that bench-pressing gives. In the long run, it is an exercise that you would want to include in your routine. This is because it helps you keep away from bone issues such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

However, with the right guidance from a trainer, you can add the right nutrition plan to your routine that complements your workout and makes your strength training most efficient.

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