Top 5 ways to make money for bodybuilders in 2022

Make money from a beautiful body, why not? Many people often wonder how bodybuilders usually make money, but how can they invest so much in food and supplements? Did you know that for professional bodybuilders, …

top 5 ways to make money for bodybuilders in 2022

Make money from a beautiful body, why not?

Many people often wonder how bodybuilders usually make money, but how can they invest so much in food and supplements?

Did you know that for professional bodybuilders, it is possible to earn up from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year?

Earning money based on your own ability. Few people know that to have such a beautiful body must go through many difficult stages, ignore bad habits, plan and build in detail, and the important thing is a constant effort.

Through research in 2022, we have found the top 5 jobs that bodybuilders have been doing and continue to do until now, of course, a bodybuilder can do many things at the same time, thanks to their knowledge, experience and reputation.

How can Bodybuilders make money?

1) Becoming a Professional Coach

This is a very common job and is still continued to this day.

Once bodybuilder has gained experience in the bodybuilding field, they will start going to support everyone who wants to improve their health to the best extent.

For a coach with several years of experience, it is possible to earn from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per month. If you have a certificate, this salary can still be higher.

A trainer can be understood as someone who keeps track of your eating plan, sleep time and fitness activity. They will work with you to create a perfect schedule, including the necessary nutrition in a day, a break time that fits your study or work schedule, and time for you to enter the gym, or practice at home.

Currently, there are two popular forms that are offline and online for bodybuilder job.

Offline will mainly meet and discuss with you more than outside, can give you detailed instructions and you will also be easier to understand. They can assist you right at the gym, but this still depends on their schedule.

Because a coach can take up to 5 students or more in 1 month, they have to arrange the time to fit each person. Of course, if you want to make a lot of money, there is a trade-off, they can be busy until late at night just to prepare your meal plans, help you check and track your muscles, fat percentage, too workouts, …

This service can be 1-on-1, and of course, the customer will have to pay more. Because only you will be guided, will ensure you are closely monitored and controlled your plan, helping you achieve the desired body shape results.

An online form is also more and more popular thanks to the strong development of social networking channels.

Online coaches may not see you as much as offline, but still, make sure to monitor your health status every day. They can accept more students because they don’t have to spend as much time travelling, but their schedules are equally tight.

You will be supported by them via social networks, and video calls such as Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber or Facebook and Instagram. They will often exchange with each other photos, questions, and videos about your training, eating, giving advice, and recommending you high-support exercises.

Online Trainer jobs will often be suitable for busy people who are not often online on the Internet.

Therefore, customers can easily review the videos that the trainer has recorded before, and they can watch them whenever they are free, without any additional costs.

2) Become an influencer on social media (Tiktok, Blog, Instagram, …)

Their work is very diverse.

They will often share content and knowledge related to bodybuilding on the Internet, and shoot and edit videos of the training process, the purpose of these works is to create their personal images, with pictures. Developing new content.

You will also often see Tiktok accounts from bodybuilders, or PTs (Personal Trainer), who regularly share and record funny videos in the gym and the exercises around it.

And when they have a large following, their influence is high, brands will begin to notice them.

Affiliate marketing will be no stranger to bodybuilders, brands, large and small brands of food, functional foods, and exercise equipment will pay more attention to them.

Once influential, bodybuilders can earn more money each month.

But to follow the path of becoming an Influencer, they need to have more communication skills, thinking and creativity, and invest their brains to create content that attracts people. If you are a newbie to social networks, you can still do these things, by outsourcing video editors, or facilitators, to plan your content.

3) Be a freelance photo model

An extremely attractive job of a bodybuilder.

Time stores specializing in training clothes, or sports stores, fashion stores are always looking for people with a well-proportioned body, good attitude and confidence in front of the camera.

This job may not be age-sensitive, as there are brands everywhere.

Just having good looks accounts for more than 70% of their requirements, the rest are faces, expressions as well as ways to convey ideas for their brand.

And to do this job, they also have to keep the body toned because they often have to have very little excess body fat, exercise regularly as well as diet.

They are also not allowed to drink alcohol, or soft drinks too much because it will affect their health.

Besides, bodybuilders can use support substances such as pre-workout, or mass gainer.

4) Build your own business system

Once you have money, investing will become easier.

You will often see bodybuilders opening a fitness consulting company, building a gym near your house, or investing in a sportswear store, restaurant, etc.

Once you have a great influence, your life will easily go up, many people will believe in you and use your products/services more.

Therefore, for bodybuilders, experience and reputation are very important.

They can also sell supplements to people, because they know the key nutrients and which products are right for everyone.

5) Take part in a bodybuilding contest

These competitions will be a great opportunity for bodybuilders to promote their names and personal image. Of course, the job will require great pressure on their part.

According to Muscle and Fitness magazine, winners of the Mr Olympia contest will get total prize money up to 675,000 USD (2013), and the first prize winner is awarded up to 250,000 dollars.

To achieve this, they must develop their muscles, combined with a strict diet, using functional foods to support them during exercise.


That’s what bodybuilders can make in a year, and they can totally multi-task, depending on how they organize their time.

Of course, these jobs are not simple, making a lot of money depends on your ability and thinking.

If you want to enter the fitness field, you need to create a detailed plan, and track your strength and the daily nutrition that you are consuming. This path is not difficult, but it requires you to put in a lot of effort because the pressure around is so great.